» YOOOOOO Who's Ready For Munday
1: Selfie?
2: Real name?
3: Nickname?
4: Favorite movie?
5: Sexuality?
6: Favorite book?
7: 3 fears?
8: 5 blogs you recommend to your followers?
9: Screenshot your follower count
10: Favorite video game?
11: Favorite Pokemon?
12: Do you have a Pokesona? If so, what is it?
13: What medium do you use for your art?
14: How many blogs do you follow?
15: Dream career?
16: Favorite sport?
17: You get three wishes. What do you wish for? (And more wishes don't count.)
18: 5th Gif in your Pictures folder?
19: Most notes you ever got on a post?
20: Tumblr crushes?
21: What's your favorite part about your character?
22: What's your ideal dinner?
23: Favorite genre of music?
24: Three people on Tumblr you wish you could meet IRL?
25: Any pets? If not, what pet do you want?
26: Favorite drink?
27: Random fact?
28: Biggest turn ons?
29: Biggest turn offs?
30: A ship you have involving another mun's character?
31: If you could live in any country, where would you choose?
32: Favorite animal?
33: Relationship status?
34: Star sign?
35: What's the last dream you remember?
36: Your typical breakfast?
37: Are you scared of spiders?
38: Most used phrase?
39: Ever drank alcohol?
40: Favorite Pokemon generation?
41: Birthday?
42: Nationality?
43: Favorite color?
44: Ever lied to someone without them finding out?
45: What game consoles do you own?
46: Favorite game console?
47: Happiest moment in your life?
48: Do you find it easy to concentrate?
49: What helps to motivate you?
50: Any advice you would give your followers?


❀ ooc again

((BY THE WAY while I am being a tired lump from work I’m gonna be going through this blog and standardizing the tags so that I can finally make tag lists and stuff like that

while I’m at it I want to tag any major triggers I may have missed over the years so IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT TRIGGERS YOU THAT I HAVEN’T BEEN TAGGING PROPERLY (or just anything you want me to be aware of for the future) PLS SEND ME AN ASK TELLING ME <3

there are some triggers I won’t tag though. like snakes.

if u are triggered by snakes i am sorry to tell you that this is not the blog for you.))

❀ ooc: announcement

((ok, so I got a job, which I started yesterday. (It’s nothing big, just my old bank teller job.) It shouldn’t interfere with my askblogging in the long run, BUT

it will probably take a few days for me to get reacclimated to the sleep schedule and energy output and stuff that having this job requires and until then I will probably be too tired to draw anything eheheh uvu

Sorry about this! Hopefully I’ll be back by Thursday! :3))

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Hey since you're a fox can you reach your fluffy tail? (Like when dogs run in circles chasing theirs)

((I got this ask after I had already decided on all the responses for the fox M!A, but the mental image was so cute that I thought maybe I’d draw it as an extra!!

but I can’t omfg im sorry i’m so sick of drawing canids, let alone in a series of difficult poses like chasing a tail would be…



❀ If I get 12 ‘SING’ s The Mun Shall Record Themselves Singing


Suggest songs to them, and whatever they want to pick, they will sing.

Ve… not really! I had legs before but I was still little, not human-sized! Legs are really weird, I like my tail better.


Sometimes I see kids on TV playing on this big weird thing and it looks really fun!! I wanna try playing on one sometime, so maybe if I was human I could!!

Oh, oh!! If I was human do you think I could eat lots of candy and pasta without getting a tummyache?

❀ this happened a couple of days ago





((goodnight everyone i am 1000% done with myself))

((i am so proud of u all that while Feli was a fox no one asked him what he says))

((suddenly a bunch of askblogs are making twitter accounts so ill just go ahead and link Feli’s again……))

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